The Power Behind Your Next Event

HDAV is a creative technical audio-visual company, run by industry-understanding New Zealand management and highly experienced audio-visual technicians. We provide a full audio-visual service, offering state-of-the-art Audio-Visual equipment. We will deliver an AV system that surpasses your expectations.  

Give your event the X Factor

We’ve all been to an event that was mediocre, where the audience fidgets or yawns and can’t wait to leave. And we’ve all been to an event that was such an amazing experience it compelled us to give it our full attention. Sure, you can carefully plan your event so it runs without a hitch. But to make it truly amazing, you need an X factor… which is the difference HDAV makes.


Surprise and delight your audience

We make events rewarding for the audience. We add in the anticipation, surprise and delight… and we add in the fun. We’ll give your audience an engaging experience they will talk about weeks, months, even years later. You see, we sell magic. And we have some for you. That’s why, we want to be ‘the power behind your next event’.


Meet our Core Team

The HDAV team is a group of experienced, enthusiastic Audio Visual professionals who love what they do. Meet our core team members.




Born and raised in New Zealand, Mat has been working in the Audio Visual industry for more than 20 years. Mat is passionate about new and emerging technology and delivering exciting, flawless events for clients that wow audiences. “This is my passion,” says Mat. Event technology is what I love doing – it runs through my veins”.

As Creative Director, Mat works alongside clients to create their vision, and then deliver it to the highest standard.

When Mat is not working, he spends time with his wife and young daughter and occasionally gets out for a fish.




Paul joined our team as Senior Technician in mid-2018. His experience is extensive: He has gained a wealth of knowledge in Audio and Lighting through working on large Cruise Liners and with world-renowned PRG Gearhouse in Dubai. Paul has now made Auckland his home, but as an avid adventurer, he loves to travel in his spare time.

Paul has been in overdrive since joining, working on learning the ins and outs of LED screens and video systems to get up to speed with the demands of HDAV’s work. “I get a real thrill putting on an amazing event,” says Paul. “I strive to do that every time, even for the smallest gig”.




Nat was studying for a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, majoring in Production Design and Management. But he couldn’t resist the allure of the real world and made the switch to working at HDAV full-time. Nat is an accomplished Senior Technician, proficient in all aspects of AV, including Audio, Lighting, Video, LED and Editing. “I love travelling the country or overseas, putting on awesome AV events that clients and the audience love,” says Nat. “Best job in the world!”. When Nat is not working he enjoys the company of family and friends, making music and cooking delicious food.